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Become a coach, win new clients and build your practice.

Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for a franchise system when you can buy this package. One new client will provide you with a massive return on investment on this software!

Buy a proven system of winning clients and have the system explained to you by your own video coach. Includes a "step by step" blueprint to starting and building your coaching business.

These videos cover the same subject matter that we cover in our training courses, but now you can have access to this material in the comfort of your own home, for a fraction of the price. Over the years our head coach Peter Hickey has helped hundred of coaches and consultants successfully set up their businesses

Includes over 25 videos, a PowerPoint presentation and a How to Guide.

How to get clients to come to you. How to position your practice, how to cost yourself. How to get leads walking in the door, Differences between coaching and consulting, how to turn clients into profit making machines.

Some of the early questions that potential newstart coaches and those that are struggling to win new business ask are…

1. How to get clients to come to you?
2. How to position your practice?
3. How to cost yourself?
4. How to get leads walking in the door?
5. Differences between coaching and consulting?
6. How to turn clients into profit making machines?

Every time you select a video from the bar on the left hand side, the video plays in its own window and the program creates a new set of training documentation so that you can write notes on the content of the video.

The program will automatically save your notes and your action plan and automatically retrieve them when you select the subject area again.

Over 25 videos are included in the package.


But we will also supply you with documentation that will help you develop a proven winning system in your practice.

As part of the package you will receive a sample of a "secret" system to win new clients, complete with sample finished copy and a "Fill in the blanks" starter kit for you to help you to get started and brainstorm with your new positioning.

Questionnaires and Methodology

We will provide you with a marketing and feasibility plan as well as other documentation.



Download a FREE copy of "Become a Coach" software for evaluation

The videos cover topics such as:

  1. The initial start up of the practice.
  2. Selling yourself
  3. Client meetings:- What to say and do.
  4. Impressing clients
  5. How to diagnose and coach
  6. Differences between coaching and consulting and much more.
What they said

"Just a quick note to say thank you for suppling such a great quality product. I have wanted to start my own coaching business for sometime now, but couldnt afford the high costs involved in either setting up my own software or buying a franchised business. "

"The quality of your software and support materials have not only made it easier for me to set up my business and win clients, it makes me look very professional, as the quality I deliver to them (thanks to your products) is second to none. "

"Thanks once again and please keep me informed of any new products you have coming out."

Felix Raish Raish Business Coaching

What to offer, What to say, How to win Clients, Learning the Processes, Success Tips!

The videos are based on years of experience in this area and now make it possible for you to have the benefit of a coach's coach without having to leave your house. Imagine having a mentor to guide you through your business, available 24 hours a day. The content for the videos has been drafted based upon our head coach, Peter Hickey's personal experience in building a successful practice as well as the input of hundreds of coaches, consultants and accountants over the years.

The video clips are short and powerful and designed to give you the practical type of tips that only a streetwise coach can provide. They hold you by the hand, show you systems and techniques to build a profitable business.
We provide as part of the package a sample advertising campaign and a “fill in the blanks” template that will fastrack you in developing your “winning new clients” strategy.




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