Business Coaching & Business Consultancy 

The fastest, easiest way to prepare a plan & grow your business.

Uses a unique one page format and simplified Balanced scorecard methodology.

Includes an interactive video coach and powerful software that helps you prepare ongoing one page business plans and scorecards. Comes complete with an experienced video coach that gives you advice, a step by step guide and even congratulates you when you perform well. Includes business planning templates and balanced scorecard pre drafted formats and more.

Business Coach is a clever piece of software that will congratulate you when you do well and encourage you when you are not doing well. Business Coach will help you to prepare your business plans, implement systems and provide you with a range of tools, resources and ideas to get started. You will have instant access to the latest business ideas and systems.

Business Coach will summarise your day to day activities and provide you with concise reports and advise on what to do. Everything is handled by the sophisticated software engine that has been developed over years of research and consulting experience with businesses.

Takes less than 5 minutes to get started.

Business Coach will analyse your performance and provide you with advice that is unique for your business. It remembers how you performed in previous months and supplies you with scorecards so that you can record your company performance. Includes a one page business plan and marketing scorecard, complete with interactive video advice. Enter your company details and the “real time” video coach will each month give you marketing, competitive, employee and general advice.


The mini-mba and business coach software consist of a series of "one-page" analysis tools that help organisations run their business more effectively. The One Page methodologies are designed to be simple to understand, easy to implement, effective to use and are designed to stick! (by stick we mean that the organisation will continue to use them after they have been introduced because of their time effectiveness.) View sample scorecard

STEP 1: Set goals for your business that revolve around more than sales or profits.

Most organisations monitor sales or profits but do not monitor critically important factors such as number of new enquiries, product returns or credits, conversion rates, whether your employees and customers are happy etc. Monitoring non financials areas helps you to improve your performance.

STEP 2 : Mark on the scorecard each month how you performed in each of these areas. Write down comments so that you can review past performance.

STEP 3: Each month review your Obstacles and Successes.

Each month you should get your staff together and review what you did well and what you did not do well. You should try and take immediate collective action to improve your poor performance areas.

STEP 4: Set monthly action plans & initiatives in each of the four quadrants.

List your initiatives and then communicate them to your people. Have each manager or division develop their own scorecard. Cascade down the organisation.

How will you increase your sales tomorrow?: What sales, advertising, marketing and customer initiatives will you implement this month?

How will you keep sales up in 3-24 months time? You will need to make sure you have the right products and people for the future, therefore what are your product development and employee morale, employment and training type initiatives that needed to be completed this month to improve your business in the longer term.

What profit improvement or expense reduction initiatives will you work on? ie cost cutting measures, stop price discounting, raise average value sale etc.

What systems and processes will you improve? ie improving dispatch, reviewing your couriers, your accounts or your customer databases etc.

Below is a sample Business Planning template that is included in the package

Below is a sample report that can be produced and exported to Microsoft PowerPoint

Plus a series of Business Coaching resources are included in the way of videos. Each time you click on a video the software retrieves your training notes and action plans on this subject.


Download a FREE full working copy of the Business Coach Software for evaluation or buy 30 day NO RISK money back guarantee

  • Standard version allows you to create 4 seperate scorecards for different products, divisions or people.

  • The corporate version allows you to create an unlimited variety of scorecards.

  • The Consultants version allows you to use this product for consulting and coaching purposes

Key Features

  • Easy to use, setup and get started.
  • Includes practical coaching tips tools and techniques to build your business.
  • Includes business planning and marketing scorecards
  • Includes advice on marketing, sales improvement, systems, employee and much more.
  • Reports that export to Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel.

Key Tools

  • One page business plan
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Sales improvement strategies
  • Goal setting
  • Employee Motivation

Key Outcomes

  • Improve Sales
  • Improve Profit
  • Improve Employee Motivation
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase community awareness
  • Helps you to focus on your priorities
  • Helps you to manage your staff

“This is easily the most innovative and helpful business resource that I have been involved with over the last 5 years.. As a self help tool there is nothing better.”Peter Hickey, bestselling author, original founder of MAUS and entrepreneur.



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