New-start coaching or consulting businesses or existing coaches, consultants, accountants and business brokers

If you would like to build or expand a consultancy or coaching practice then MAUS, the market leading publisher of business software, resources and advisory services can provide you with a fully serviced training and support program.

This is a “hands on” practical program which includes resources, processes and methodologies that will help you to establish the key platform for growth. It is built on a multi award winning range of MAUS technology and services that have been helping businesses build profitability in Australia and around the world for over 15 years. This range of business planning, human resource and business process resources have been shipped to over 50,000 businesses.

Money Back Guarantee

We have so much faith in our system, marketing concepts and software that we are confident that within 12 months you will be using what we teach you to build a successful consulting and coaching practice. If you do not recoup your investment of at least the cost of the first year's membership fee with consulting revenue at the end of the first 12 months then we will give you a 100% refund on your money. All you have to do is implement the systems that we provide to you. See our information pack for more details.

Key competitive advantage of the MAUS Accredited Partner Program

  1. Technology based systems to accelerate lead generation and leverage your time
  2. An automated marketing and lead generation system
  3. Access to unlimited client reports (eg business plans and diagnostics)
  4. Focus on one-page KPI Scorecard system to create recurring revenue
  5. MAUS Success Model: learn from the mistakes of 1000's of coaches
  6. Training on Exit Strategy and preparing your client's business for sale
  7. Credibility: accreditation with Australia's leading providor of SME management tools
  8. Your independance. You remain a private entity but are supported by an international network

What you will receive:

  1. We provide you with an automated marketing system that automates the lead generation to client conversion process. As part of our program we train you on how to implement this program. We train you on how to set up a profitable practice. You however can run under your own brand and differentiate your offering.
  2. We will develop a website with your name.
  3. We capture leads from your website and automatically email them to you with the clients company name and telephone number.
  4. We provide you with over 80 customised profit improvement newsletters that are customised with your name.
  5. We actually send these newsletters to your clients every 20 days. We handle, bouncebacks, unsubscribe and all lead generation.
  6. We provide you with full training and support. And when you start we have a detailed face-to-face 4-day session where we structure your business model.
  7. We will provide you on joining with over $20,000 worth of software listed below.


  1. Business Planning Software and Plan Creator: We provide you with our new Business Planning technology that automatically creates a 30 page Business Plan complete with financials and cash flow from a simple diagnostic.
  2. Proposal Writer Software and Report Generator: Automatically creates an 8 page client proposal that sells your services. Includes your interview assessment, executive summary, methodology and commercial terms.
  3. Business Diagnostic - Profit Driver Software and report writer: Produces a diagnostic snapshot and review of your client’s operations in minutes. The final report will profile your client’s business, recommend changes and establish a high level revenue action plan and an expense reduction action plan.
  4. Business Valuer Software and report writer: Provides an indicative valuation report for your clients that outlines how much their company could be worth today and a potential future forecast. Based on accepted valuation methodology.
  5. Exit Readiness software and Report Writer: Analyse your clients business for their readiness to sell and produce a Rediness Index Report and an Action Plan


  1. MasterPlan Software. Enables you to develop customised Business and Marketing Plans to suit your client’s industry.
  2. KPI Scorecard Software. Produce a one-page snapshot of your client’s business.
  3. Become a Coach Software. This is a software and video package that will provide you with training videos and templates on how to become a Business Coach.
  4. Marketing Toolkit Software. The culmination of years of coaching and consultancy, this software is a resources kit that equips you with the essential tools needed as a coach/consultant.
  5. Performance Review Software. This program provides the framework for implementing a comprehensive performance management system.
  6. Job Descriptions software. Gives you the ability to create a detailed outline of employee responsibilities and roles, educational requirements, work environment and even necessary job knowledge quickly and simply!
  7. Employee Manual software. Create customised policies and procedures for any type or size of organisation.
  8. Policies Manual software. Help companies develop a complete operations handbook incorporating procedures, workflow documents and business forms into one comprehensive reference manual.
  9. Health and Safety Planning software. Allows you to quickly analyse your strengths and weaknesses and implement guidelines to ensure your client’s business meets its legal obligations in regards to OH&S requirements.
  10. Quality Assurance software. Help organisations develop their own customised Quality Assurance Manual.
  11. Consultant’s client management software. Gives you the forms, tools and know-how to establish a professional Business Consultancy.
  12. KPI Scorecarding Manager software. Enables you to measure, analyse and report on your client's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  13. Stockmarket software. An easy to use Share Portfolio Management software.
  14. Benchmarking and Start-up Guides. You get access to over 162 industry start-up guides and 90 benchmarking guides.
  15. Information Resource Centre. This subscription gives you access to Australia’s largest business resource centre.
  16. Website Marketing Software. Website optimisation tool that uses an easy to follow wizard to maximise your key word effectiveness and submit yours and your client’s websites to search engines.
  17. Prepare for Sale and Sell a Business Software. All you need to know to prepare a business for sale with the aim of getting the best possible sale price in an easy to use software format with interactive calculators for easy client demonstrations.
  18. Mini MBA Progam software. This training program has been nationally accredited as a diploma of business management. As a MAUS Accredited Partner, you can become an assessor without a cert IV in training and assessment.


We do not hold you to any long term contract. After the initial term of 12 months you can cancel at any time giving 30 days written notice. Call us and we will provide you with a free coaching session . We will talk to you frankly about your skills and your personal situation to see if you are suited to becoming a Business Coach or Consultant.

End User Business Clients
If you are a business owner or manager, you can buy the scorecard software as a stand alone package. click on these following options

If you want to establish your own coaching or consulting practice via the MAUS Accredited Partner Program then request a free information kit or call +61 2 9976 2177.









































When you join the MAUS Accredited Partner Program we train you on how to use these programs most efficiently so you can leverage your time, package your services and charge based on the value you provide. Sign up today and you receive the software listed below as part of your welcome kit.

The following practice development tools and software are just a small sample of what you will receive immediately on sign up!

Corprat Coaching and Business Software



Become a coach, win new clients and build your practice

This software and videos actually shows you how to setup your practice. Based on years of research, this software will give you a running start. Includes over 25 videos, how to guides and more...

How to get clients to come to you. How to position your practice, how to cost yourself. How to get leads walking in the door, Differences between coaching and consulting, how to turn clients into profit making machines.

    Corprat Coaching and Business Software  

Marketing Toolkit for coaches and consultants

A software program that includes “real life” proven lead generation strategies, costing spreadsheets, marketing positioning plans, capability statements, PR releases, client proposals, disclaimer statement. Includes consulting processes and methodology covering over 150 management diagnostic templates and the authoring tool to create thousands more 

Corprat Software and Services
 Corprat Software and Services

Bulk Email Marketing Software Tool
 Bulk Email Marketing Software Tool


Instant client reporting and diagnostic tools

This pack includes over 14 client diagnostic and reporting tools and is included in the network version of the Marketing Toolkit. The key to any successful coaching or consulting business is to have tools that will impress your clients, help structure your assignments and create great reports that will save you time. Includes tools from business diagnostics to pricing and marketing.


Sample coaching and training programs

These sample programs are included in the network version of the Marketing Toolkit and include PDF sample client training and client diagnostic programs.

How to increase sales?
How to improve profit?
How to improve employee morale?
How to increase customer satisfaction?
How to improve innovation?

Corprat Software and Services

Bulk Email Marketing Software Tool

Corprat Coaching and Business Software  

Client morale and community strategies.

Includes strategies that you can supply to your client to help them to contribute to charity and at the same time to improve their morale.


Download a FREE working copy of Business Coach for evaluation


The instant
“One page-business plan” & Business Coach!

Produce monthly scorecards for your clients! This product allows you to create recurring revenue.

Business planning, balanced scorecard and business coaching..all in one! Includes an interactive video coach and powerful software that helps you prepare ongoing one page business plans and scorecards. Comes complete with an experienced video coach that gives you advice, a step by step guide and even congratulates you when you perform well. Includes business planning templates and balanced scorecard pre drafted formats and more.

Corprat Software and Services
 Corprat Software and Services

 Corprat Software and Services



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