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Easily create Flowcharts, Strategy Maps, Process Flow Models, Organizational charts and Concept Maps with Flowchart Manager Download It Free!.

Simple to use, Just drag your mouse across the screen. Creates great looking diagrams in seconds!

Forget about complex software, this is easy to use. Full support tutorials supplied.

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Key Features

  • Flowchart symbols and examples supplied
  • Easy flowchart tutor helps you to get started
  • Import graphics
  • Place text in boxes or on lines.
  • Change colors and shapes
  • The connecting lines are automatically linked to shapes. Move a shape and the lines stay linked.
  • The link lines can be changed to automatically link in different process configurations.
  • Full text, font support and scaling.
  • Added time-line feature enables you to create timed project drawings
  • Add attachments to nodes
    Export the diagrams to Microsoft Word
  • Export the diagrams to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Export the diagrams to HTML and publish on the web
  • Export the diagrams to the clipboard for easy copy and paste functionality
  • Assign different levels of importance to nodes and then hide and show different layers
  • Add shadows to any shape
  • Add hyperlinks
  • Create books with multiple flowcharts, maps and diagrams



Download a FREE full working copy of the Flowchart Manager for evaluation Buy it under our 30 day money back guarantee.

Easy to use powerful program that will help you to create professional business diagrams, flowcharts and policies and procedures.

Easily create diagrams, link nodes, add text and even create time nodes. Click one button and your diagrams will be instantly exported to Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and HTML.



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